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 talent acquisition

Storyy is a 100% remote
team, building software for companies of the future

At Storyy, we are on a mission to enable individuals meet their life’s potential by connecting with and building deeper relationships with their colleagues.

Our Story

Storyy started as a “technology-enabled recruitment service” vision in 2020. We wanted to empower companies around the world to scale their recruitment efforts.

To attract and engage top, diverse, values-aligned talent, we needed a middle-of-the-funnel software to narrate our clients's stories to candidates at scale, but our search didn't yield much. Other software seemed to be focused on incrementally streamlining bottom-of-the-funnel recruiter activities. They didn't meet the real long-term needs of a company - to build a talent brand and convince hard-to-hire candidates.

We decided to fix the problem.

We developed our own internal employer brand-building software. We are on our journey to release our internal platform to the world and have other companies build their own talent communities.

 Founded in 2022, Storyy.io is an attempt to empower companies to take full-control of their employer brand to better attract, engage and retain their talent pool.

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