What's the Storyy?

In a typical research group, raw data and code resides in researcher’s computer or often in a centralized shared folder system, metadata is stored in researchers notes, file name, CSV file or etc. Collaboration is through email, chat or weekly meetings. Researchers mostly rely on memory to keep track of all this information and also most of this information is hidden from team members. Information scarcity, hidden information and inaccessibility of historic data are main decelerators in scientific research that affect research reproducibility and knowledge sharing.

The challenges are: 

  1. Seamless access to all relevant information within a project including raw data, code, reports, slides and processes in a collaborative tool.

  2. Capture researchers information, knowledge and insights that transforms available data into conclusions and intellectual property.

To address these issues we have designed Storyy, a collaborative knowledge management platform with powerful data cataloging. The cataloging system manages all raw data, corresponding metadata and all relevant information in an optimized fully searchable database. Storyy provides research teams with digital journal of their projects by means of an intuitive project timeline in a collaborative environment.

Our Team

Amin Rezapour

Arash Ashtiani

Alborz Alavi

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